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Rule 26

Even if you are already employed elsewhere and are not looking for another job, these Rules can still be helpful. Doing them now could mean the difference between being stuck in the same job for years, versus being considered for a promotion. These are good strategies that help you establish firm boundaries and focus on your goals. Starting on page 126, there are five suggestions. They all are designed to make them want you more. How this applies in the world of work is to raise your value in others’ eyes. Especially do number four, on page 127. The Teal Fairy is the queen of #4. She is always starting some new project, hobby, or class. Whether she’s rock climbing, doing the Body for Life challenge, or learning Visual C#, she’s always doing something. You have to catch her coming or going, because she’s never in the same place twice. This makes you seem like you really have something going on. Well, yes, you do have many things going on, but what I mean is that you look like you have it together much more than you do because you have all these really cool activities going on. And there’s nothing more that hiring managers and recruiters love more than the chase. Witness their silly fascination with the “ideal” passive candidate – the one who really isn't looking for a job, but has all these great skills and you have to persuade them to leave their current job and come work for your new much better one. If you can appear like that to recruiters and hiring managers, you can command nearly any price the market will bear, and you'll never be out of work again. Just ask Teal.

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