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Rule 2

You know what this means. Let the recruiters call you first. Let the employers call you first. You follow the resume posting instructions from Day One until you're hired. You make your resume available every week. You apply for open jobs. And then you wait. You don't call recruiters or employers hoping to find out what's going on with them.

If they want you, they'll move heaven and earth to find you. I've had recruiters call me at home, call my cell, page me, and leave me e-mail - all within a three minute span. That's the only way you're going to know how much they want you for the position. Without this clue, you'll have no idea how much compensation you can negotiate for or how strong a fit you are to the description.

You don't want to be the number two candidate the employer had to settle for because they couldn't get the one they really wanted. A quick strong response from the employer or recruiter ensures you weren't the leftovers.

You have to treat the jobs you want like the ones you don't. You don't display your aggressive tendencies by calling them first - you do so by posting to as many job boards as possible and applying to as many jobs as you can. You don't "make things happen" by contacting them. They have to notice you. They have to see your resume, think you're wonderfully qualified, and need to have you come join their team.

About job fairs: It's possible to find employment through them. But they're cattle calls. It will be terribly crowded; there will be hundreds if not thousands of people there. You won't be memorable. You'll hand out copy after copy of your resume; a recruiter might take 5 harried minutes to discuss your qualifications with them. Then, since your resume isn't in electronic format, they'll take it back to the office, have their admin assistant scan it into the system, and maybe call you. Often these job fairs have a web site where you can post your resume online; this database is later sent to the recruiters who attended as part of the package. This may be just as effective as having attended.

By all means, attend if you have nothing better to do, but your time is probably better spent generating traffic in the traditional Job Fairy manner.

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