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Rule 6

This is one of the most important Rules there is. You must do this. At first, it will be extremely difficult. But you'll get used to it, and eventually, it will become second nature. You don't want to get caught accidentally saying too much to a recruiter or employer. Once they've noticed your resume, what you're trying to do is avoid getting screened out. Saying too much leads to the greater possibility that you'll say something that disqualifies you.

A recruiter or employer has the power to reject you, and you'll never know why. So it's important to do this in order to keep control of the information they get. Controlling the variables as best you can is key. If it doesn't appear as if you need them, they'll think you're deluged with other offers, whether that's true or not. They'll think that they have to offer you more generous pay in order to attract you to the position. They'll treat you better during the interview and hiring process because they'll think you are comparing many offers. Even if no one has called you in weeks, treat them as if they are simply one of many corporate suitors.

Be pleasant, but not too enthusiastic. Don't seem as if you've been starved for attention. Playing a little hard to get works too. Not checking your voice mails until 5:00 PM and not returning calls until the evening is a good technique. You don't need to do this all the time, just some of the time. When recruiters ask how your job search is going, tell them that you're having lots of interviews, and that you're waiting to hear back from them. Tell them you think things are going just fine. Don't tell them the truth; they'll just use it against you. If they knew you hadn't had an interview in three months, do you think they'd offer you full market price for your skills? No, they'd be able to smell the desperation and use it against you. When recruiters call, don't always pick up the phone. You're not supposed to be home, remember?

It helps to be going to school or having some kind of web or development project on the side with which you can stay busy. Once you don't have a job, your days can be empty. Fill them up with exercise classes, development projects, school, or technical classes if you can afford them. Recruiters and employers should be trying to catch you as you're coming and going!

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