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Rule 18

This is an interesting Rule to examine from the Job Fairy point of view. How it applies is quite simple. In terms of Category A behavior, it’s analogous to minor problems on the job. If they have stopped providing sodas at work where once they used to be free, or they’ve changed insurance companies and you hate dealing with the new paperwork, these are all things you can live with. They’re not deal breakers.

In terms of Category B behavior, you’d be looking for frequent mentions your company on f’dcompany.com, articles on lawsuits brought against your company (or more likely, the one with which you’re interviewing), or really major changes in insurance (i.e. they stop covering your spouse or kids). That’s the point where you really have to stop and re-evaluate what you’re doing in terms of remaining employed there.

If you’re already employed there, you need to start looking for another position. If you’re interviewing there, keep interviewing – elsewhere. Take the job if you have to, but keep looking and leave as soon as something better comes along. Remember, you can’t make a company change the way it does business.

Nagging your human resources department is only going to get you labeled a troublemaker at best. Don’t tell your boss what’s wrong with your department, even if he or she asks. Always appear as if everything is fine. Things are the way they are at your particular company because the people in charge of it have created a corporate culture that they are OK with. This kind of thing comes from the top down. So, if you don’t like the way your company is, vote with your feet. And don’t waste any time in doing so.

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