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Text Resume

Once you are completely done with your comprehensive resume, save a copy as text. Click on file, and then save as. Under the file name, there will be a dialogue box for save as type. Scroll down to text only (*.txt) and click on save. Exit Word. Go to the directory where your document was saved, and double-click on it to open it. Remove any extra blank lines that were added, and re-alphabetize any bullet points that got out of order. Save and exit.

This resume will be the one that you copy and paste directly into the body of your e-mails to recruiters, since a great many of them no longer care to accept attachments, and you will also use it to populate the fields when you post your resume to job sites. It's best to use the version that has no formatting for this purpose. A time-saving hint: Create it as a signature in Outlook Express. Here's how:

Launch Outlook Express. Click on Tools, Options, Signatures. Select New, File, Browse, Select File. Find the .txt format of your resume you want to use, then click Open. Highlight the name in the top dialogue box that says Signature # and click on Rename. Type in a descriptive name, like Jane-Resume. Click OK.

To use it, when you've clicked on New Mail, select Insert, Signature, then pick Jane-Resume. At the selected point within your new e-mail, the text will be inserted. A wonderful time saver.

If your resume is too big for one signature file, you can cut it in half, putting part of it in one text file, and part of it in another. Then make two signature files, i.e. Jane-Resume-1, Jane-Resume-2, then insert one after the other in the message. Also good for saving various application letters to recruiters versus employers.

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