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Stupid E-Mail Tricks

Ensure that there is a separate e-mail account set up (preferably HTML-based) for your job hunt - Hotmail is a good choice; integrates well with Outlook Express, so you can set up separate profiles yet still check your e-mail from work. You simply install Microsoft Messenger at work with your Hotmail e-mail info, and it will tell you if a recruiter e-mails you about an opportunity. Make sure you do not enable the setting that automatically logs you in with your password unless you are at home. Yahoo and Netscape are also good choices. Never use your real name as part of the e-mail handle. Keep it clean, but untraceable - i.e. Jane Smith becomes Recruiters and employers can e-mail you back about your status on a job - and instead of BCC'ing (blind carbon copying) you and your competitors, they can put all of you in the TO line. Then you know who your competition is... but they also can recognize you. What if they're working at the same company as you, and they tip off your boss? You don't want to run the risk. (Taken from a true recent incident.)

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