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Posting Resume

Go to site; open up the copy of the text version of your comprehensive resume and work from that. Whenever there is an opportunity to put down what you are looking for, or a title of the job search, or anything at all, load this with keywords. Bad: "The guy who gets things fixed". Better: "System Administrator MCSE Windows 2000 Cisco MS Exchange". Create the maximum number of profiles allowed if you have multiple resume versions; they can't all be searched but they save you time later. Sign up for job notifications to be e-mailed to your inbox if they offer the service. Sign up with as many job search profiles as they will allow. Have each agent that sends you an e-mail be searching on different words, so as not to waste effort and cover the most opportunities. Also good is to go to each job site daily and look at all openings within your area codes each day. It usually doesn't exceed 500, which is a couple hours' work. Or, using your keywords, search for all available jobs (good to do if you have a specialized skill, like COBOL programming). Whenever signing up for e-mailed job notifications, pick the most frequent option.

If you need further resume examples, go to All About Resumes. Once you're ready, proceed to the Mechanics of Posting your Resume.

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