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The Job Offer Stage

Once you have accepted the job offer, you can let the resumes expire on their own, but you will still be getting many calls. You can systematically go to each job site and deactivate them (do not delete). Keeping a log of all your user ID's and passwords will come in handy for this, as well as for when you wish to reactivate them all towards the next job search. Better to do in this job market is to cut back the frequency of the notifications of open jobs to weekly or monthly.

You always want to keep an eye out for a better job, especially if you took the first job available in order to stop the flow of red ink, and it either does not pay what you want/what you previously made or it just isn't the kind of work you wanted to be doing. Under most circumstances, it is better to look for a job while you have a job, so that your bargaining position is strongest. However, this is not always possible, so therefore it is perfectly acceptable to take any job and continue to look. Employers feel that in a difficult job market, employees need not be compensated at fair market levels. feels that the cost of hiring another employee and the cost of training them to be as proficient as their predecessor is greater than if they were compensated at market level to begin with.

In order to help you with your new position, obtain fair market value for your skills, or answer other questions, please proceed to the Career Advice section.

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