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Accomplishments & Responsibilities

For each job you have listed within the past 10 years, note no less than ten things you accomplished at each position and ten things for which you were responsible. Did you save money? Note that. Did you increase sales? Companies are greedy and will want to know how much you can do for them.

What if I had a job where the work was so routine I didn't accomplish much?

The answer is in phrasing responsibilities as accomplishments.


Responsibility: Fixed problems with PCs and file servers.
Accomplishment: Troubleshot in a Windows, Novell, and Unix environment, with over 95% fix rate.

Never mind that if you didn't fix all the problems, you would have been canned. It also doesn't matter that you were part of a 20-person team. Numbers seem to create a validity that spills over into the other areas of your resume.

What if politics got in the way of the work I did?

No one needs to know. You aren't the first and you won't be the last. For instance, one of the Job Fairies built an intranet site for a client company. It integrated a new help desk system, all the forms the company used, and employee locator information. The management of the company "forgot" that they had already implemented a new (working!) help desk system, decided to look for another system, did not use the intranet, and reverted to their old practice of sending all the employee phone numbers in a spreadsheet to the whole company every time there was a change. Does this mean it had to stay off the resume? No. Had they been bright enough to take advantage of the system they spent all that time and money getting built, it would have saved them over $150K per year. The Fairy in question listed the project under the bullet points in the Experience section anyway. If a company can't run its own business properly, it does not mean you have any less skills because of that! Perhaps you will get a chance to do the same work for another company later on in your career. Maybe it will be successful because they won't be so choked by too many layers of management and bad communication. Look on the bright side - it will be easier the second time around...

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