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The Importance of the Keyword Search
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The Mechanics of the Job Search, Week 1
The Mechanics of the Job Search, Week 2... and Beyond
Handling the Job Offer

Keywords For Search

Make a text file of keywords that are your selling points and/or are the keywords for your job search. This is done by taking the job title that you are looking for (i.e. help desk) or the skill that you use most frequently (HTML, Visual C++), and putting all these words together into one handy text file. Often, job sites will ask you what your top 10 skills are. You'll pull the skills with which you are most familiar out of your professional skills (and possibly qualifications) section. Some allow 20 or more. Make a list that's separated by commas for ease of cutting and pasting. In addition, when a recruiter asks you what your top skills are, you have an answer right in front of you, without having to fumble or say "ummm" a lot.

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