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Quiz: Are you about to get fired?

Are you experiencing any of these circumstances?

Do you feel uncomfortable at work now, where you didn't before?
Has your peers' behavior towards you changed?
Is your boss avoiding you these days?
Is your boss suddenly very happy for no reason?
Has your subordinates' behavior changed?
Are you all of a sudden getting negative job feedback where before you got praise or bonuses?
Do you suddenly have a whole lot less work to do?
Have you lost any of your perks, or have they been given to others?
Has your company been merged with, acquired by, or sold to another company?
Is your company having financial difficulties?
Are you not getting invited to meetings in which you should be involved?
Are people who used to ask your advice either not asking you now or having to ask someone else?
Is your boss giving information to your colleagues or direct reports before it's getting to you?
Are your peers or subordinates helping your boss make decisions, and you're not getting a chance to provide input?
Does the company secretary/office manager type person greet you more coolly these days? Or with a new note of sympathy in their voice?
Has your company announced that it may have layoffs or budget cuts?
Have your job responsibilities changed substantially, and not for the better?
Has your desk/cubicle assignment been changed to one that is much farther away from the boss than before?
Have you recently gotten a new supervisor due to the old one leaving/been fired/reorganization/budget cuts?
Are you working with older or possibly obsolete technologies?
Are company executives meeting offsite, on topics they won't discuss, releasing no information about the sessions?
Is your company in a hiring freeze?
Are pointless cost cutting measures being implemented, such as no more coffee or soda, bitching about the cost of office supplies, or inadequate restocking of the restroom facilities?
Are there previously "critical" projects that are now on hold?
Do you not really get along with your boss, and layoffs have been announced?
Do you make substantially more than market rate for your particular job/specialty?
Are you chronically late to work?
Do you cry on the way to work, on the way home from work, or at night?
Are your job assignments or related clarifications now coming from a peer, rather than your boss?
When a new employee, peer, or manager who are visiting from another branch of your company arrives at your office location for their first time, are you being left out while they are being introduced by your boss to your peers?
If people that you supervise cause trouble or otherwise do not obey you, does your boss either not support your efforts to control them, or worse, takes their side?

% chance of your getting canned...

You're either very good at your job or you're an excellent brown-noser.
You're still at the point where you might be able to turn things around by getting on your boss' good side. Maybe.
Start posting to various job sites. You probably have enough time to find another job before the axe falls.
You're layoff bait. Or you're about to be fired. Either way, you are really going to have to hustle to find another job. You probably will be let go before you can find another position. Hopefully you have an adequate reserve of money in savings.
Paint a target on your forehead; you're toast. Stick a fork in you; you're done. You're going to be given the boot and it's not going to be pretty. And it's going to happen SOON.

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 Are you about to be fired? Take our quiz today and find out!

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