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The Poker Game that is Our Career - by the Nightshade Fairy

The Nightshade Fairy (aka the Fairy of Utter Darkness) is a sharp and wily creature. She gives jobfairy.com its dark side and generally makes life worth living. She is the wind beneath our Fairy wings. And now she has decided to do a series of articles analyzing Mike Caro's observations on poker from a Job Fairy perspective. In her words, "Mike Caro (author of the classic Book of Tells) has a lot to say about the similarities between poker, gambling, and real life.  I've selected several of his pithy-est observations, and assembled a series of articles that examines how his advice also works with career matters.  I've peppered each article with at least one real life career experience to illustrate how each of Caro's observations have played in my own career." We'll be publishing her stories every week or so as they become available.

· The Poker Game that is Our Career
· About Bad Luck
· Never Get Even for the Night
· Don't Go On Tilt
· Hubris, Anyone?
· The Game Changes as You Play
· Vultures Rock!
· Stop Whining


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