Table of Contents

· First Sun-Tzu Page
· Second Sun-Tzu Page
· Third Sun-Tzu Page (Commentary)
· Fool the Emperor to Cross the Sea
· Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao
· Kill with a Borrowed Sword
· Await the Exhausted Enemy at Your Ease
· Loot a Burning House
· Clamor in the East, Attack in the West
· Create Something From Nothing
· Openly Repair The Walkway, Secretly March to Chencang
· Observe the Fire on the Opposite Shore
· Hide Your Dagger Behind a Smile
· Sacrifice the Plum Tree In Place of the Peach
· Seize the Opportunity To Lead a Sheep Away
· Beat The Grass To Startle The Snake
· Borrow a Corpse to Raise the Spirit
· Lure the Tiger Down the Mountain
· To Catch Something, First Let It Go
· Toss Out A Brick To Attract Jade
· To Catch the Bandits First Capture Their Leader
· Steal The Firewood From Under the Pot
· Trouble The Water To Catch The Fish
· Shed Your Skin Like the Golden Cicada
· Shut the Door to Catch the Thief
· Befriend a Distant Enemy to Attack One Nearby
· Borrow the Road to Conquer Guo
· Replace The Beams With Rotten Timbers
· Point At The Mulberry But Curse The Locust Tree
· Feign Madness But Keep Your Balance
· Lure Your Enemy Onto the Roof, Then Take Away the Ladder
· Tie Silk Blossoms to the Dead Tree
· Exchange the Role of Guest for that of Host
· The Strategy of Beautiful Women
· The Strategy of Open City Gates
· The Strategy of Sowing Discord
· The Strategy of Injuring Yourself
· The Tactic of Combining Tactics
· If All Else Fails Retreat

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