Observe the Fire on the Opposite Shore

Strategy 9

Delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting amongst themselves. Then go in full strength and pick up the pieces.

Modern Example

Once upon a time, I worked at an office where there were two bosses in the same development group. I was assigned to one, but through a matrix arrangement, did work for the other. These two could not have peacefully co-existed on a planet the size of Jupiter. The one that supervised me was less powerful than the one who leased me. Yet to take the side of the one for whom I did the most work would have been madness, for my supervisor still had enough power and connections to fire me or block my transfer elsewhere. So I made a point of becoming good friends with the one who leased me, but not letting my boss know. I also made sure to be as valuable to my boss as possible, without letting the other know. Eventually, it came down to a bitter battle between the two, and my supervisor lost and left the company. While most of his other minions had to leave or found positions elsewhere quickly, I went to work for yet another supervisor on another project. I was able to do so because both of the bosses' attentions were occupied elsewhere. I retained the admiration and friendship of the formerly leasing supervisor, escaped the politics, and got a 10K raise to go to the new position. You don't want to align yourself with anyone's politics unless it suits your own goals. Even then, it usually isn't wise.