To Catch the Bandits First Capture Their Leader

Strategy 18

If the enemy's army is strong but is allied to the commander only by money or threats then, take aim at the leader. If the commander falls the rest of the army will disperse or come over to your side. If, however, they are allied to the leader through loyalty then beware, the army can continue to fight on after his death out of vengeance.

Modern Example

I have had this happen with two supervisors. In the case of the first one, I knew they were going to take credit for my work whenever possible, but they were paying me enough that I decided to put up with it. When they got canned, I wasn't sorry at all - in fact, I became very chummy with their replacement, and swiftly realigned myself politically. In the case of the second one, they consistently went to bat for me, got me raises without my having to ask, and watched out for me in every way possible. In return, they got comprehensive intelligence about everything that was going on in the workplace, hard work, friendship both inside and outside of the workplace, and loyalty. We've worked together in several companies now; following each other wherever possible. The moral of the story is that money can't buy my loyalty, but it can certainly be earned.