Toss Out A Brick To Attract Jade

Strategy 17

Prepare a trap then lure your enemy into the trap by using bait. In war the bait is the illusion of an opportunity for gain. In life the bait is the illusion of wealth, power, and sex.

Modern Example

As a Fairy, I don't see much difference between war and life - all life is conflict; war is merely a formal, declared conflict as opposed to the unannounced, stealthy offensives that comprise life. Someone is always jockeying for power, wealth, status - and sex. Now, I can't offer instant wealth to my friends. I can only help them with my Fairy arts. And the only power I can bestow on my colleagues is allowing them to borrow the horsepower of my brain to help them solve their business problems. And I'm no Victoria's Secret model, so I know the sex part is right on out. But in the course of my travels, I have observed those who successfully use sex to bait the trap in the workplace. And one of them was small and cute. She dressed cute, acted cute, and flirted with all the boys. They ate this up. In fact, she did such a good job, they didn't stop to wonder why the kind of woman who would have never paid attention to them at all in real life fawned all over them then. She was supposed to be a developer. The boys did all her coding, while she wandered around the office, "networking". She knew that layoffs were imminent after one of the projects was over. Fortunately, she'd caused so much trouble, that in that layoff, her boss decided to get rid of her - and the boys whose productivity had suffered as a result of taking on all her undone work. So when someone baits the trap with sex, stop to think about what might be on the other side.