Kill with a Borrowed Sword

Strategy 3

When you do not have the means to attack your enemy directly, then attack using the strength of another. Trick an ally into attacking him, bribe an official to turn traitor, or use the enemy's own strength against him.

Modern Example

Martha Stewart has billions of dollars.  She's perfect in every possible way.  You can't decorate as well as she, create meals as picturesque as hers, or hope to even approach her in entertaining panache.  So, if she's got all these assistants to do her bidding, and has gobs of cash to boot, how is someone as truly irritating as she to get her comeuppance?  Someone like her didn't get where she is today without being greedy and aggressive, and that's her Achilles heel.  The kind of people who are friends with her share her personality characteristics too.  One of them, in this case the head of ImClone, Sam Waksal, tried to sell his shares the day before he knew the FDA would reject his "bet-the-farm" cancer drug, Erbitux.  He warned others in his personal circle to unload their shares - among them Martha Stewart.  For a total sale of under $250,000, peanuts next to her billion dollar fortune, she is under Congressional investigation, she's lost over 20% of the value in her publicly traded company, and her stockbroker's assistant is about to sing like a canary in exchange for immunity.  And the American public is enjoying this as much as the ancient Romans relished bread and circuses.