The Strategy of Open City Gates

Strategy 32

When the enemy is superior in numbers and your situation is such that you expect to be overrun at any moment, then drop all pretence of military preparedness and act casually. Unless the enemy has an accurate description of your situation this unusual behavior will arouse suspicions. With luck he will be dissuaded from attacking.

Modern Example

Once I had a new supervisor that had been brought in from another division after my old boss quit. He was feckless, inept, and confrontational. Although I knew his tenure was not to be long, he could still do me a lot of damage. And who was to say that senior management, having been dumb enough to bring him in, would get a clue quickly and divest themselves of this idiot? He would constantly demand status updates, on a twice or even thrice daily basis. Instead of directing these inquiries to his project managers, he saw fit to bother his technical staff with his incessant need for briefings. Eventually, I found another position within another division, since I knew there was no one to turn to for support and they'd support him to the end, right or wrong. He didn't know I was looking or even had been hired elsewhere until the deed was completed. He tried to push me into a division of his choosing once he realized I was transferring, but it was too late; the deal was done. I neither confronted him, discussed the situation with him, nor approached senior management about him. I got away as quickly as I could, leaving no trace behind. By the time they'd wised up and fired him, I was long since elsewhere - but unfortunately so many of my former colleagues had been canned prior to his departure...