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Dress Code for the Interview


Here are some essential tips for MEN:

    The only acceptable colors are NAVY, CHARCOAL, LIGHT GRAY, and BROWN OR BEIGE. Fabric should be 100% WOOL and should be conservative, NOT FLASHY. The darker the suit, the more authority it carries. Solid colors and pin stripes are acceptable, so long as the stripes are thin and narrow. A dark solid suit is the best option.
  2. SHIRTS:
    1. Rule # 1: Always wear a long sleeved shirt.
    2. Rule # 2: Always wear a white or pale blue shirt.
    3. Rule # 3: Never violate rule one or two. There is something about a white cotton shirt that conveys honesty, intelligence and stability. For artist’s etc., pale blue should be the next option.
    4. Rule # 4: NO MONOGRAMS.
    5. Rule # 5: NO WASH AND WEAR. Always make sure the shirt is starched and the trousers are professionally pressed.
  1. TIES:
    A cheap looking tie can ruin an expensive suit. The right tie should be pure silk. The knot should be small, the length to the belt, the width no more than 2 ¾ to 3 ½".
    Do not wear polka dots, animal pictures or symbols such as golf clubs. No bow ties.
  2. SHOES:
    Black or Brown leather. No Lace wing tips but you can wear slip-ons with out a tassel.
  3. SOCKS:
    Should complement the suit. Wear Dark colors and make sure they are long enough so you do not bare shins when crossing legs. Do not cross legs during an interview even if your interviewer does.
    A simple watch and gold wedding band will do. No chains, earrings, nose-rings, pins.


  1. Wear only DARK TAILORED SUITS, CONSERVATIVE CUT AND LENGTH TO KNEE (never longer), WOOL OR NON CRINKLE FABRIC. Synthetics tend to retain odor even after dry cleaning. NO REDS Please.
  2. BLOUSES: Solid colors, long sleeves, with collar buttoned all the way from the top.
  3. NECKWEAR: A good light scarf conservatively draped is acceptable.
  4. SHOES: LEATHER PUMPS or Laced Oxfords with heels, AND DARK. No REDS, OR LIGHT COLORS.
  5. HOSE: Natural skin tones only. BLACK is acceptable.
  6. ACCESSORIES: A BRIEFCASE, or HANDBAG. Not both. Transfer essentials or makeup to a clutch, which fits inside your briefcase.
  7. BELTS: Conservative and the width of the waistband.
  8. PANTS: Stay away from, but if necessary, wear only a tailored conservative pant/ suit.
  9. JEWELRY: Less and small is more. Nothing dangling.
  10. MAKEUP: Professional and less to complement the colors of clothes.
  11. HYGIENE: Please do not wear any cologne or fragrance. Your interviewer may be allergic and this is the best way to cut the interview short.

Never wear any cologne or fragrance to work / ever. People may avoid coming in close contact with you if they are allergic."
from IT International

<Note from JobFairy.com: Good advice. Never wear brown or beige though. Ever. Under any circumstances.>

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