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All the Articles II

"Interview Questions That Make You Look Brilliant
When interviewing it's important to let the interviewer know that you're somewhat familiar with their company and that you're interested in their perspective on the company.  Here are some questions to make you look brilliant during your next interview:

  • "What are some of the major short and long-term company objectives?" 
    Their answer will help you to formulate your future comments to fit their goals and objectives.
  • "What are the common denominators in successful employees that work with you?"
    You should be able to match your abilities with most of their responses and common denominators.
  • "Can you share with me areas of the company that need polishing or development?"
    With the information you receive in this answer, you should be able to share your special skills that will save them time or money.
  • "I am very interested in this position and am anxious to move forward.  When will you be making your decision?"
    If you want the opportunity enough, then you need to ask for it!  Show your enthusiasm."

<Note from JobFairy.com: These are great questions. Not only do they show that you are on top of things enough to ask such good questions, it is also the perfect way to find out how well your future employer has it together. Disjointed or evasive answers are your clue that you'd be happier working for someone else.>

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