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Information Technology Tips (Part 2)

"Information Technology Tips (Part 2)

  1. Forward planning is everything. In information technology, many events have long lead times that can't be compressed (i.e. circuit installs). Determine your target dates for infrastructure roll outs, and make sure you begin work on the target date minus the lead time. If you don't, no amount of money will allow you to make your deadline.
  2. Splurge on printers, don't undersize them. Fast and big printers, like photocopiers, are an investment that will result in enhanced productivity and happier users as your employees won't be left standing around waiting for paper...
  3. Always plan for extra-redundancy on any critical components that affect a large number of users. Some of the ways to do this for servers would be to purchase Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID), Redundant Power Supplies and/or Error Correcting RAM.
  4. Recognize the danger of .vbs viruses. Disable the ability for users to run executable attachments from their e-mail, and wherever possible, simply disable the .vbs extension. The ILOVEYOU and Melissa viruses have taught us this.
  5. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is wonderful. It is a simple protocol that everyone can attach to, synchronize from, and store information that will be universally available. Vendors support it as a common protocol to store and share directory information. Deploy a directory, populate it with information, and then provide your users with tools to query it.
  6. Hire the best cabling consultant when deploying new buildings. They'll coordinate the electricians and cablers as well as provide them with plans and specifications based on their experience. Check their references, and, if possible, tour the wiring plants that they've previously done.
  7. Keep your data jacks low. Avoid the furniture systems that require you to place the jacks at table height and require opening up an access panel that could potentially knock over books, assorted carbonated beverages and any other random objects.
  8. Most shops with an engineering staff should have at least four Cat-5E data jacks per user. These will give you great forward flexibility at a reasonable price.
  9. Track your circuit numbers and escalation contacts, and make them widely available. In the middle of a firefight when your primary T1 has gone down, being able to contact your Telco's Network Operations Center (NOC) and give them a circuit number to do a loopback test will give you information that immediately begins isolating the problem.
  10. Conservative equipment deployed with adherence to a standard. Nothing contributes more effectively to reduced support costs and enhanced user-uptime. Don't buy the bleeding edge, and don't change what you buy. Improve your systems by buying RAM and faster processors -- not different video cards and sound cards.

- Gordon Shephard"

<Note from JobFairy.com: Brilliant. Simply brilliant.>

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