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Beat by the Brownnoser?

"Beat by the Brownnoser?

By Therese Droste

The only way to get ahead in my company is by kissing up to management. A new employee just started three months ago and she already has a plum new position and a small promotion in the company. She got there by taking my boss out to lunch and laughing at the other managers' stupid jokes. (I've been here four years, heard them all and put my headset on when I see them walking down the hall.) The final straw was when she constantly complimented my boss on his truly tacky polyester suits. She is driving all of us insane. What is a non-apple polisher to do?

Unfortunately, brown-nosers often get ahead in many companies, even if they are inept, inefficient, and have a high absenteeism rate. These people are hard to stomach for the hard workers that focus on their jobs, and have little support from colleagues if they fall out of favor. Therefore, the good news is that their rise may actually be short-lived. On the other hand, we can all learn a thing or two from the brown-nosers. Some are true masters of their game. They know that people are easily flattered, and that even the worst manager needs some type of attention. Therefore, if your company truly rewards these toadies, you might watch them and see exactly what they do to get ahead. Then, modify their obvious actions to suit your own purposes. It is the old, "When in Rome" trick. Of course, if you have been at the company for several years, you will want to do this subtly or your actions will backfire. Any obvious apple-polishing will just make your colleagues suspicious of you.

Subtle apple-polishing means just showing gratitude to your boss. Write a thank-you note if he does something kind, such as give you a birthday gift or an afternoon off. Remember him at the holidays, or on his birthday, as well. Say thank you. Compliment him on a nice tie or suit -- especially if he ventures out of the polyester arena. These basic human courtesies do not take up a lot of energy. However, do not do such things if you cannot do them with sincerity. People will see right through you. If the mere thought of even subtle brown nosing gags you, and if you know you will be stuck in your position if you cannot master the game, then move on. Spend your free time polishing your resume. Then get out there and interview for a new job.

However, do not be surprised if the next company you land at is kind to toadies, too. Every company has them. Hopefully, your new company has a big old swamp they keep them in so they can croak to one another all day."

<Note from JobFairy.com: Never focus on doing a "good job". The company can't reward you; only your boss can. Do what pleases your boss most, and if you can't take it where you're at, go elsewhere.>

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