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Cruise Industry Employment Scams Revealed!

Hi xxxx - wow, I didn't know the cruise industry would be where the temp and IT industries were in the early 1990s! Used to be, if you wanted a low level job in Colorado in the early 1990s, there were agencies like Snelling and Snelling who charged you 10% of your first year's salary in order to become employed, and would make you "pay it off" over a year @ 21% interest! What a racket - and this is just more of the same. I am appalled at the shenanigans going on out there... I think I'll post this information to the website too. If it prevents someone getting ripped off where employment is concerned, then it doesn't matter that it's not IT. We gotta do it.   :)   Here are some links to general information sites that will tell you about the up and down side of working in this industry:

I also understand that there is a legitimate type of placement agency for the cruise industry; search for "crewing agency" under Google or your favorite search engine. Beware of those who charge you a fee to process your paperwork, want you to buy an informational video, or promise you that you need "insider tips" which are only $29.95! I don't see why you need to waste time with any of those things when you can send your well-formatted Job Fairy style resume directly to an employer. If you want to do so, here are some job links for employment in the cruise industry...

The URLs to the major cruise lines' employment sections of their websites (in no particular order and I noticed that none of them charge a fee to apply):

Good luck and hang in there - hope this information helps. All the best, Shocking Pink

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