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Ten Signs that It's Time to Go


Ten Signs that It's Time to Go

By Holly J. Morris

Every job has frustrations. However, if you feel ignored, it may not be because you're a loser. So how do you know when it's time to update the résumé or hit up the college pal with the dot-com start-up? A few thoughts:

1. You spend your entire raise on the celebratory six-pack.

You may not be working to get rich, but money is still the best way to keep score.

2. Your new project leader is so young he thinks Creedence Clearwater Revival is a Pentecostal church in West Virginia.

You want to work at a place where you are getting the choice assignments.

3. You get more calls from recruiters than from the boss.

It's true; sometimes people outside an organization will recognize and value your abilities more highly than the folks whom you see every day.

4. When you ask about stock options, you're given the choice of blue or black ballpoint pens.

If the company isn't giving you proper incentives, says Hussam Hamadeh, president of Vault.com, a career resource Web site, it probably doesn't value your work.

5. The company spends more on the executive retreat than on research and development.

New products mean new opportunities for you. And remember, while a job hop is risky, there is risk in whiling away productive years at a dead-end job.

6. You see your office PC at the Smithsonian.

You need the right tools to do your job right, says Mark Poppen, career- advice columnist for inter biznet.com, an electronic recruiting newsletter.

7. Your only friend at work is the UPS man.

It could be you just don't fit into the corporate culture. Then again, it could be you! But seriously, if work mates are focusing on how you dress rather than on what you say, your ideas may never get a fair hearing. 

8. Your long-awaited promotion means taking on the workload of the guy who just quit.

Hard work is de rigueur these days, but when a company cuts costs, it could be slipping.

9. The continuing-education program is the Learning Channel on the break-room TV.

Don't discount the benefits an employer offers. They are another form of cash. 

10. You are reading this, aren't you? Enough said."

<Note from JobFairy.com: This article is excellent. However, you shouldn't wait until these signs occur before you start looking for a job. You should always have your resume posted on major job boards. It's easier for that next opportunity to find you that way.>

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