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Resumes, Searches, and Career Advice

This site is designed to be a self-help resume writing tool that enables you to get into a career in Information Technology. It was also created to serve as repository for basic career advice. But what if this basic site isn't enough? The Job Fairies are available to help.

Resume Writing and Job Search Help

We help women seeking careers in Information Technology with resume and career assistance. Click here to contact jobfairy.com about your resume rewrite. There is no charge for this service, but you must have already made bonafide attempts to reformat your resume to the Job Fairy template. This means that when you send us your resume, you should have at least gathered the information you will need in order to complete the Job Fairy style resume. Please review the template and the resume instructions pages carefully before you send us your resume! You must also commit to assisting future jobseekers with their resume re-writing efforts once you are sufficiently skilled. We will not do it all for you; you are expected to learn. We will also help you with the basics of the online job search.

Career Advice

The Job Fairies offer free seminars on many subjects, especially on popular career and self-help topics. These are listed under Events. For career advice, please e-mail us.

Support Request

We are willing to help with any questions you may have about the workplace, resumes, job searches, interviewing, or compensation. Please use this support form to send us your question.

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 Why pay $29.95 for "helpful" and "exclusive" career advice? Here at jobfairy.com, we feel that you should pay exactly what it's worth - NOTHING. Click here to read one of the worthless documents for which others charge you out the yin-yang.


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