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JobFairy.com Chat

The following commands are available within the rooms and the dialogue windows:

/me text - send an "emote" (ex.: /me does whatever)  
/msg username text - send a private mesage to a user  
/ignore username - ignore a user (i.e., you don't see his messages)  
/unignore username - readmit an ignored user  
/ignorelist - see a list of the users you are ignoring  
/away text - automatically notify all users opening a dialogue with you while you're away  
/away - leave the Away mode  
/who roomname - see the list of users in this room  
/whois username - see a user's profile  

Operators can additionally use these commands:  

/kick username - throw a user out of a room (abbr.: /k username)  
/kickban username - throw a user out of a room, and keep him out (abbr.: /kb username)  
/mute username - prevent a user from sending messages in a room  
/op username - confer op rights on another user  
/deop username - take away another user's op rights  
/unban IP-number - readmit a banned IP to a room (for removing all banned IPs, just enter "/unban *")  
/banlist - see a list of IPs banned in this room


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